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About Us

Hello and welcome to Pine Needle Quilts LLC!!!!!

Pine Needle Quilts has been serving Quilters in Crawford and surrounding area since 2007.  It started in a small building two doors down from where it is currently located.  PNQs started with four friends who shared a passion for quilting and fabric.  Together they embarked upon the journey of being business owners.  Thru the years the four became three and the three decided to sell and then became one.

Hello my name is Leslie and I am the new owner of PNQ.  My story or journey of becoming a Quilt Shop owner is one of tears and happiness.    My husband Jim was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in April 2013.  After a year and a half of fighting he passed away on December 21, 2014.  After I stumbled on the fact that the previous owners were closing the shop Jim told me to "find out what they want for it", I did.  Before he died he set in motion the ability for me to purchase the shop and on January 9th 2015 I was the proud owner of Pine Needle Quilts LLC.  

As I write this updated page I have to admit I had NO clue how to run a business and honestly I thought I would have Jim with me for a few more months to "Set me straight" on the interworking's of running a business.  Well I have to say 2015 is a blur, there is a lot I don't remember and to this day I am not sure how I got through it.  Well actually I do, with the help and understanding and support of my customers, family and friends.  I am still learning and still making mistakes, but they are my mistakes and I wouldn't have it any other way.  I am sure I have made enemies, but I have also made friends and I wouldn't trade any of them.  I love it when customers bring in their quilts for show and tell, gives me a since of I helped. 
So thank you to all who have been there and Hello to all who will be.

Stop in and say Hello some time